Utopia of the "Golden Bear"

"I can only keep playing for limited time, but what I have learned through golf can be left behind as golf course designing eternally," said Jack Nicklaus.
The talent, knowledge, rich experience and sensibility that only Nicklaus has, led him to become one of the best golf course architects in the world. The beauty of Jack Nicklaus design philosophy is the creation of a perfect balance between artistry and the strategic elements of the game. This level of design excellence can perhaps only be realized by a world-class golfer with a lifetime of international tour victories, like Jack Nicklaus.

Take tee boxes as an example. A Jack Nicklaus designed golf course has various tee boxes with different shapes, which help make each tee box unique. His steadfast philosophy is to make the golf course enjoyable for golfers of all levels through the creation of multiple tees.

Fairways are another example. Jack Nicklaus is one of the very few architects who use the natural landscape as much as possible when designing a golf course. If a tree were in the way of routing the course, he would try to re-route it if he deemed it worth saving. If 200 trees were in the landscape, he would try to keep 199 of them! If soil needs to be moved to make the necessary elevation of a hole, he would still think of a best way for the land to recover naturally. Natural landscape is beautiful as it is and blending in fairways to create something that looks like it belongs there, naturally, while being ever mindful of the games strategic elements, is one of Nicklaus’s specialties.

To keep the putting surface in as perfect a condition as possible, Hokkaido Classic Golf Club was designed under strict USGA specifications. We are sure that all players will enjoy the true roll and attention to quality our putting surfaces exalt.
This is Nicklaus's art. As you play the course you will begin to feel his philosophy, mentally, visually and strategically as it reveals itself to you throughout your round. All his golfing experience, wisdom and knowledge are here throughout Hokkaido Classic Golf Club for you to experience.